D-Backs’ LoVullo Gets Dreaded Vote of Confidence

After going 5-30 since May 4, the Diamondbacks’ hitting coach and assistant hitting coach have both been fired by manager Tony LoVullo. In turn, their GM—Mike Hazen—has said he still feels LoVullo is the “right person” to be the skipper.
I can’t recall changing hitting coaches mid season making much difference although the Diamondbacks have had some injuries to key players, so getting them back might help a little. Still, after starting out 15-13, they are now 20-43 and pretty much have no prayer of catching the Fodgers, Padres, and Giants in their division. LoVullo has been their manager for 5 years and was at the helm the last time they were in the playoffs. However, that was 2017, and votes of confidence are often harbingers of doom.
He might make it through the season, but I’m guessing the Snakes replace him not later than this offseason.

2 thoughts on “D-Backs’ LoVullo Gets Dreaded Vote of Confidence

  1. One small nit to pick, Raysfan… Lovullo’s first name is Torey, not Tony. He was a coach with my Jays once upon a time…


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