Cleveland Baseball Team’s Name

Word today is that the Cleveland Baseball Team, nee Indians, are slowly but surely closing in on a new name. Supposedly they started with a list of 1198 possibilities after fan polling, etc. They’ve narrowed it to an unspecified number of finalists, which will be vetted to ensure no branding or copyright issues come up.
Since the team’s inception in the 19th century, they’ve also been the Spiders, Blues, Forrest Cities, and (unofficially) Naps. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict they won’t pick anything as odd as Forrest Cities nor something that makes people think of sleep. Blues could be an issue with the hockey team in St Louis. Spiders is a real possibility, and popular among social media commentators.

There is a vocal group, of course, that wants the team to stay the Indians. That decision, however, has already been made; so they lose.

Other choices reported to be popular on social media are the Guardians and the Avengers. I’m pretty sure representatives of Marvel would want payment for either of those. I’ve thought Cleveland Rocks; that’d come with a spiffy song, but would also require royalty payments.

My guess is that it ends up being Spiders.

4 thoughts on “Cleveland Baseball Team’s Name

  1. I’d vote for the Spiders from Mars. The name “Spiders from Mars” does have a sports connection. A sports event in Florence Italy, that, well, I’ll let Wikipedia tell it:

    “1954 UFO sightings
    On 27 October 1954, a reserve game between Fiorentina and nearby rivals Pistoiese was under way at the Stadio Artemio Franchi when a group of UFOs traveling at high speed abruptly stopped over the stadium. The stadium became silent as the crowd of around 10,000 spectators witnessed the event and described the UFOs as cigar shaped. It was suggested that the most likely explanation was that the silk of mass migrating spiders had agglomerated high in the atmosphere.”

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    1. Keeping with the Bowie theme, they could go with the Cleveland Aladdins, Young Dudes, DJs, Jean Genies, Diamond Dogs, Fashions, Heroes, Queen Bitches, Rebel Rebels, Scary Monsters, Major Toms, Starmen, Suffragettes, Young Americans, Ziggys, or Blue Jeans.

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  2. If it turns out to be the Spiders the team mascot should be pretty fun – a spider in a baseball uniform


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