Numb3rs Two Millionth Edition


As noted yesterday Josh Donaldson of your Beloved Twins scored the two millionth run in MLB history in yesterday’s game against the Resolute Royals.

The St Louis Cardinals, the 15th ranked team in MLB in runs scored, are averaging 4.36 runs per game. Using that as an average it will take a little over 47 years to score the next million. However that doesn’t take into account an unknown number of playoff games, so I’m changing it to 45 years since unlike 47 45 isn’t a prime number and the Gods would be angry with me should I appropriate one of their favorite play things.

You may therefore expect that on Memorial Day 2066 Nelson Cruz’s grandson., following the wise advice of his grampa by playing for your Beloved Twins, will drive in Josh Donaldson’s grandson who is also following the wise advice of his grampa to score the three millionth run in MLB history

But only if it were that simple, we have time travelers among us. MLB is expected to begin including runs scored in the Negro League as “MLB” runs soon, probably resulting in a two millionth run have been scored some decades ago. Meaning the two millionth run will have been scored twice. once each in two separate space time continuums. I’m looking forward (or maybe backward) to it.


The number of days between Christmas 2019 the last time I was able to be with my family until, with the exception of a few minutes here and there, I was next able to be together with my now vaccinated family a week ago Saturday. Turns out my then 11 year old grandson (the youngest member of the crew) has turned into a spunky teenager. Looking at that eager face with the curly mop on top I felt like I was in an entirely new and special space time continuum. I don’t know how to tell you how good it all felt except to tell you I don’t know how to tell you how good it all felt.


About the number of vaccination shots given yesterday in the United States according to the CDC. 294,928.850 shots altogether have been given so far. The war is not over and people are still dying every day but Hitler is hiding in his bunker. Looks like we human beings have managed to muddle through once again.

One of the favorite singers of mop head’s great grandmother

Judy Garland: Battle Hymn of the Republic – YouTube

One thought on “Numb3rs Two Millionth Edition

  1. I predict that the numb3rs will increase at a faster rate, aided by the rocket-powered bats that drive more balls into the hover craft lot behind left field. But maybe that’s a whole other space time continuum.

    I’m happy for your reunion, Happy.


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