Mickey Callaway Banished

Mickey Callaway had been suspended from his duties as a pitching coach for the Angels pending investigation by MLB into allegations of sexual misconduct. That investigation is complete, and he is now on baseball’s ineligible list and cannot apply for reinstatement until after the 2022 season at the earliest. (Plus, as Pete Rose could tell him, being able to apply does not mean that application will receive a favorable response.) The Angels have also fired him, of course.

FWIW, Callaway released a statement accepting the punishment and a sort of apology. I say FWIW and “sort of” because he also said he never meant to make any woman uncomfortable. However, 5 different women, all media members, made anonymous allegations of things to The Athletic that are things a coach or manager would have to realize is inappropriate, an abuse of position, and certainly likely to make women “uncomfortable.” The incidents (like asking for nude photos) occurred while he was a coach with the Cleveland Indians and manager of the New York Mets.

One thought on “Mickey Callaway Banished

  1. Here in Los Angeles of Anaheim the debate was about the level of punishment. Should Calloway be banished or forced to retrurn as the Angels pitching coach? Obviously the commish showed leniency with this punishment, rather than keeping this scumbag in place to lead his 30th ranked pitching staff.

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