Scott Kazmir, King of Perseverance

You may recall that Scott Kazmir started his big league career as a Devil Ray, was on their 2008 WS roster. In 2009 he was traded to the Angels, and didn’t perform nearly as well, ultimately getting released in 2011. Many thought his career was done. It wasn’t. He pitched for the independent league Sugarland Skeeters and then in 2012 in Puerto Rico for the Gigantes de Carolina. He made it back to the majors in 3013 with the Indians, followed by the A’s, Astros, and Dodgers. He pitched through 2016, when injuries derailed him again. This time it really seemed like he was done. However, he kept playing, last year again in the independent leagues. Then this offseason he got a minor league invite from the Giants, and had been pitching for their AAA affiliate…until this weekend. He got called up and started against his most recent team, the Dodgers (who are still paying him). Now 37, it was his first MLB start since 2016. He pitched 4 innings, struck out 2, allowed 2 hits and 1 run. Hat tip to never giving up.

One thought on “Scott Kazmir, King of Perseverance

  1. FYI, my second job is closed for the season and I’m back reading FI daily. Matter of fact, I was just watching “Community” episode “Celebrity Pharmacology” on Amazon. Dean Pelton says to an unenthusiastic audience of teens, “Next time you think about drugs, think about baseball, instead!” Now I’m thinking of getting sick tomorrow and catching the Angel’s getaway day game.


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