Rays Win Streak at 10 After 9th Inning “Rally”

The Rays walked away from the game with a win, which of course pleases me. Were I a Jays fan, I’d be a bit nauseated today. The AP recap said the Rays rallied past the Jays in Dunedin in the 9th inning to win 6-4. I guess, technically, they did. That rally, though, was two singles and 5 walks. 5. 3 with the bases loaded to give the Rays a 4 run inning. Not exactly action-packed fireworks, eh? Credit where it’s due—Austin Meadows drew the first of the bases loaded walks on 9 pitches. How many did it take to walk Manuel Margot? 5. How many for Mike Brosseau? 4.
Jays reliever Tyler Chatwood walked the lead off batter to start the 9th, then allowed an RBI single then managed to get two outs while also loading the bases on another walk and single. Then Travis Bergen came in and couldn’t find the plate, giving up the aforementioned walks before the final out of the top of the 9th was mercifully recorded.

Newly arrived from the Brewers, JP Feyereisen blanked the Blue Jays in the bottom half of the inning to record his for his first save as a Ray. In addition to the 10th straight win for the Rays, it was also the 5th straight loss for the Jays. Today is the relatively unusual series ender, being a Monday. It’s also the last MLB game in Dunedin for the year. The next Blue Jays home stand, and all the rest this season until further notice, will be in Buffalo.

One thought on “Rays Win Streak at 10 After 9th Inning “Rally”

  1. Sooner or later, we will approach equilibrium again. Multiple teams in the ,600’s and the .300s (of winning percentage) will return to normality, where even the worst team is still mathematically in contention into late August.

    Still, it is the nature of long term, large sample measurements that over time every possibility will eventually come true. Therefore, in baseball, we will see a team give away a game that it has already won. We will also see a team given a win in a game they have clearly lost. That’s why we watch all those games, all the way to the end. So many games bear no real surprises, but we watch because we may witness total chaos.

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