Spencer Turnbull Pitches MLB’s 5th (6th) No-Hitter of the Season

If you’re wondering just how many no-hitters there will be this year, you are not alone. The Tigers’ Spencer Turnbull threw the 5the official one of the year yesterday. There’s actually been 6, but MLB illogically does not count Madison Bumgarner’s because it was only seven innings in a scheduled seven inning game (MLB does count it as a complete game).
Turnbull threw 117 pitches, struck out 9, and walked 2. Two seasons ago he led the majors in losses, but he was in control of the Mariners all night. It’s also the second time this month the victim of a no-hitter was the Mariners. Turnbull’s best buddy last night was Jeimer Candelario, who gave him all the run support he needed with a homer in the first then made a spectacular play on a grounder down the third base line/threw the runner out at first in the seventh inning.

2 thoughts on “Spencer Turnbull Pitches MLB’s 5th (6th) No-Hitter of the Season

  1. At the time of the last no hitter I noticed that there had only been 19 complete games including those 4 (5) no hitters. Guess what, there are now 20 complete games so far this year. – 0 compete games between the last two no hitters. Since we know that Bumgarner’s 7 inning, “compete game’ is one of the 20, at most 13 of the official complete games are 9 inning complete games which were not no hitters. Wanna bet that at least half of those 13 were 7 inning games?


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