Johnny Damon Cuts Deal to Get Out of DUI

On Feb 19 this year, Damon was pulled over and arrested for DUI. His BAC was .30…almost 4 times the legal limit. Today he reached a deal with prosecutors—an undisclosed donation to charity, an undisclosed number of hours of community service, and (upon completion) the charges get dropped. There was no word on whether he’s been evaluated for alcoholism, or entered any sort of treatment. Treatment was not listed as a prerequisite for having the charges dropped.
Meanwhile, from the same traffic stop, his wife was charged with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. Charges against her are felonies, and at least so far are not being dropped or lessened.

TMZ has posted the police body can footage:

The featured photo is from the time of his booking at the Orange County (FL) corrections facility.

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