A Step in the Right Direction By: the Astros

The Houston Astros are doing something no other team has done before, but I hope it rapidly becomes the norm. They are providing furnished housing to the minor leaguers at every level.

Minor leaguers can’t utilize host families due to COVID-19 restrictions, and it’s been common for multiple players to cram into small apartments and sleep on air mattresses even before the pandemic. Many make $10K or less a season. Prospects shuttling between levels have also often had 1-2 days to even find a place on top of trying to settle in with the new team.

it’s in the self interest of clubs to ensure their players have proper housing and nutrition to maximize their development. Hopefully this bit of common sense catches on.

One thought on “A Step in the Right Direction By: the Astros

  1. A typical mid round draft pick has personal travel expenses getting from home to Podunk, often has a “dress code” when traveling, buys overpriced food on the go, and is often at the job sight from noon or so until game end, and might stick around for physical therapy. This “chasing of the dream” often eats away the signing bonus because the actual pay for actually doing the job is near bubkes. We are witness to a stab at regaining a better public image by a corporate entity that has recently suffered. Still, it is also a long overdue and trendsetting move that speaks well of the organization.


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