All-Time First Basemen

Where does Albert Pujols stand among first basemen in baseball history? Let’s look at a couple measures.


  1. Lou Gehrig, 114.1
  2. Albert Pujols, 99.4
  3. Cap Anson, 94.4
  4. Jimmie Foxx, 93.1
  5. Roger Connor, 84.3
  6. Jeff Bagwell, 79.9
  7. Dan Brouthers, 79.8
  8. Frank Thomas, 73.8
  9. Jim Thome, 73.1
  10. Rafael Palmeiro, 71.9

(Miguel Cabrera #13)


  1. Lou Gehrig
  2. Albert Pujols
  3. Jimmie Foxx
  4. Cap Anson
  5. Roger Connor
  6. Jeff Bagwell
  7. Dan Brouthers
  8. Johnny Mize
  9. Frank Thomas
  10. Jim Thome

(Miguel Cabrera #11)

Pujols comes in first easily among all recent first baggers, second all time. Being second only to Lou Gehrig is amazing no matter how you slice it. The gap between the two in terms of WAR is pretty significant—14 WAR equates to 2 young-Pujols-when-he-was-with-the-Cardinals seasons.

Now, what if Pujols retired after his age 35 season, the last time he made an all star team? He had 99.6 WAR then. …and Lou Gehrig through his age 35 season? Well, that was his final season before being diagnosed with ALS, so the answer doesn’t change.

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