Another No-No

John Means was near perfect for the Orioles against the Mariners today. So close, in fact, that he faced only the minimum 27 batters. His line was 9-0-0-0-12…as in 9 IP, 0 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, 12 K’s. So, why was this not a perfect game? In the third inning, he struck out Sam Haggerty; but Haggerty reached first due to that third strike being a wild pitch (he then got thrown out trying to steal second). Means is the only pitcher ever to be imperfect only due to a runner reaching on a wild pitch.

It’s the third official (and fourth actual) no hitter of the young season.

2 thoughts on “Another No-No

  1. It was exciting but confusing, as MLB had it listed as a perfect game in the 8th and then as a no hitter for the final results. Paper and I watched the gametrack through the 8th, huddled around his work computer (thank you, working from home). I had to run to the store, and I got to listen to the end of the game on the MLB station (courtesy my new car with satellite radio for 3 years free). I sat in the car at the store parking lot for the last at bat. It was great.

    My buddy, Greg, who is an O’s fan (in Oklahoma) was superstitiously keeping radio silence and I texted him emojis only until it was over. He recently got to see the Orioles in person for the first time in Arlington and they got the win there. Now this. I’m glad for him that he’s had some bright spots in his season so far.

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