Roberto Alomar Banned

It was announced today that Roberto Alomar has been terminated from his special advisory position with both MLB after an internal investigation indicated he had committed some sort of sexual misconduct. The precise nature of the misconduct was not revealed. Commissioner Manfred also indicated he has been placed on the permanently ineligible list. As a result of that, he has also been terminated from his advisory position with the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Hall of Fame put out an announcement that he is not being barred there/his plaque is not being removed as he was eligible/in good standing when inducted. (The question, of course, came up because banned players aren’t eligible for induction…but he’s already in.)

The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame likewise stated he won’t be unenshrined…but I’d no longer welcome there in person or at Canadian HoF events.

Part of me is curious as to what, exactly, he did; but I expect I’d then be disgusted.

6 thoughts on “Roberto Alomar Banned

  1. It must have been bad and now I’m wondering if there will be criminal charges or a civil suit. Wow.


    1. Based on some of the awful things people have done and either only gotten suspended or even not punished…yes, my guess is it’s really bad even if there are no criminal charges.


    1. …and not at all embarrassing for the HoF to have one of its board members banned from baseball! (He’s now resigned.)


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