Not a No-Hitter, Stupidly

Regulation games in double-headers are seven innings. So, Madison Bumgarner of the Diamondbacks allowing 0 hits in a seven inning complete game against the Braves is a no-hitter, right? MLB says no.
I’m sorry/not sorry to say that’s stupid. If you pitch a complete game and not allow a hit, the only logical thing is to call it a no-hitter. It’s not like it was a rain-shortened game. In this case 9 innings requires playing extras—it was a scheduled 7 inning game. Ridiculous that, to qualify for a no-hitter in double header, a pitcher needs his team to not be good enough to win in regulation. (For the record, I’ve always disagreed with MLB discontinuing its recognition of rain-shortened no-hitters as no-hitters too.)

As an aside, the Braves also only got one hit in the other half of the double header, a new record for futility in a double header.

3 thoughts on “Not a No-Hitter, Stupidly

  1. It’s a no hitter! MLB can’t set rules for seven inning games that are different than a “real” game!
    Then say that although they have deemed this a real game, all the usual rules apply except one. Perhaps we should have every homer hit in a seven inning game count as .777 homers?

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    1. Just to show how truly insane this is: he does get credit for a complete game. MLB is both calling it a complete game but somehow not complete enough(?!) to be a no hitter!

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