Twins Territory – A Hospital Bed

This last Monday after a couple of weeks of loose bowels, aching bones, the strength of a kitten and the inability to do things like grocery shop I went to the ER and wound up with my very own deluxe hospital bed. By last night I was able to figure out that the Twins appeared in the grossely illogical TV station labeled “52-1”.

The hospital was Fairview Riverside, which is a few blocks away from Riot Town in Minneapolis. It is also the hospital where my son and daughter were born. It is close to the homeless Tent City from where my son’s wife, my son and I walked to its psych ward ER in 2018 to finally end that year’s adventure. It was my son who drove me there and stayed with me as long as he could on Monday when I felt to weak to do it myself… and just needed somebody. And it was asking a lot, he’s been busy. His wife, without whom he would probably not be alive, has leukemia.

Anyhow it turned out to be de-hydration, a high potassium level and a malfeasant kidney. So after three or four bags of whatever it was that they were putting in me, and an adequate allotment of pain medication, except for the frequent blood draws I wasn’t feeling too bad. As we all awaited the Chauvin verdict, I figured that I would have a nice 8th story picture view of the riots and that they would probably not be burning down the houses a couple of miles away where my wife was, alone. Alas, Chauvin was found guilty of everything and there was joy in the street instead of scum who love the excitement of violence and really really love free stuff.

Not only that – a Twins double header beginning about an hour later. The Twins got swept and my expert analysis is that the Twins lost because they scored 0 runs in 14 innings of play. Still too tired to look it up but my hunch is that the number of games that you win when you score 0 runs is under 10%.

No problem, I’m home now and we’re tied 7-7 in the 6th. We’ll break that losing streak.

PS: Minneapolis is not burning.

2 thoughts on “Twins Territory – A Hospital Bed

  1. Glad you’re home again, hope you and your daughter in law get well quickly and fully.

    Just followed the end of the Twins game. Tough to lose on two errors in the 10th.

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