Bernie Madoff Dead

He was 82. He died in a federal prison hospital in NC of “natural causes.” He is best known for, of course, running the biggest Ponzi scheme ever, and was sentenced to 150 years behind bars following his arrest and conviction in 2008.

His connection to baseball, as we all know, is that the former owners of the Mets, the Wilpons, were among the people he defrauded. That, in turn, affected how they ran the team from then on.
I’ve joked many times about the Wilpons’ involvement, but the reality of Madoff’s scheme really wasn’t funny. At least one duped investor, after learning he had lost $1.4 billion, committed suicide. One of Madoff’s sons also committed suicide in 2010. His other son died of cancer in 2014.

I used the Mets logo for this story because I refuse to put Madoff’s picture on this blog.

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