Baseball Is A Funny Game

Joe Musgrove threw a no hitter for the Padres yesterday. It is the first no hitter this year. It is also the second complete game so far this year.

It is the first complete game in Joe Musgrove’s career (84 MLB starts)

It is the first no hitter in Padres history.

It is the first time that consecutive no hitters have been caught by the same catcher, Victor Caratini who caught the last no hitter thrown by Alec Mills for the Cubs last year. Caratini is also the first catcher to catch no hitters for two different teams.

That’s a lot of firsts for something that’s been around for what, about 160 years.

Baseball is a funny game

Looney Tunes “Baseball Bugs” Opening and Closing (LTPC:V.1 Print) – YouTube

3 thoughts on “Baseball Is A Funny Game

  1. We were watching the Angels game, until a buddy texted that the no-hitter was going. We switched over and got to see the last two innings. I do not like the Friars, but it was a great moment that we really enjoyed. You gotta root for those achievements. That’s the love of baseball. So happy for Musgrove. Very cool.

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  2. First Padres no-hitter ever.

    Also, I’m now 1/3 of the way to being accidentally right with one of my more off the wall preseason predictions—that there’d be three no hitters this year…one by a career journeyman, one by deGrom, and one by Scherzer.


  3. Luis Brinson had no hits for the Feesh either, so after a couple of weeks of utter futility they optioned him to Jacksonville to work on his swing.
    Which is funnier than most of you realize.


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