Rougned Odor Traded

Rougned Odor was DFA’d by the Texas Rangers. The Rangers stink anyway. Today they worked out a trade with the Yankees. They Yankees are shipping a couple minor leaguers to the Rangers, and the Rangers are paying most of his salary to play for the Yankees. Why were the Yankees interested in taking on Odor if he wasn’t good enough for a bad team? He hits lefty, and the Yankees are extremely rightly dominant. They are hoping he can balance their roster just a little. He’s posted an OPS+ less than 80 in three of the last four years, though, so I wouldn’t count on it.

Maybe the Yanks just really love the picture:

3 thoughts on “Rougned Odor Traded

  1. I’m with the Yankees on that. My favorite baseball picture from that year. I had Roughned on my Fantasy team for a couple of profitable years. But that all-or-nothing swing brought it to an end. I think the Yanks just have enough money and prospects that they can afford to play around with a low probability play like that.

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    1. That picture is why I did the post. At this point, trading Odor is not a major transaction. …but it lets me post a favorite picture and engage in bad puns, which I also love doing (see first two lines of the post)


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