Shock Of The Gods: The Amazing Fighting O’s

The Yankees and Rays gasp with disbelief as they watch a division which they thought belonged to them slip farther and farther away as time runs out. How? Why? The Gods! It’s in the Numb3rs.


Obviously, Incredibly the number of games that the Orioles have lost this season. And no one has come within less than two runs of beating them, including perennial power house Boston, whom the O’s just decimated. The first undefeated team in MLB history?


The number of hits the O’s got in the first 2/3rds of this season so far and the number of hits they’ve belted out in the last third of the season so far. And I do mean EXACTLY the first two thirds and the last one third. What are the chances, and that brings us to our conclusion, Spoiler alert what is .3333… exactly half of?


Bill Gates

As I suffered through the discomfort of the tracking micro chip floating around in my upper back and neck implanted there by my vaccine shot on Friday, I remembered a Apple Computer aficionado pointing out that the cumulative numeric value of the name ‘Bill Gates’ (it might have been ‘William Gates’ or William (middle initial) Gates) in the Roman alphabet  = exactly … 666. The average number of runs per game allowed by the O’s is – exactly

One Point    66666666…


Orioles Magic Music Video – YouTube



7 thoughts on “Shock Of The Gods: The Amazing Fighting O’s

    1. I started to watch the game on opening day, but then got sidetracked with work on the house and forgot all about it. Life’s just been too busy lately. Having some massive renovations to the house, enough where I had to move out for a week, prepping to sell and buy a new place. I don’t have cable, and since MLB has made it damn near impossible to actually pay for a legitimate streaming platform, it’s just been too much of a pain in the butt to even bother watching a game these days.

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  1. Anomalies due to small sample sizes are part of what makes the early season fun. The O’s fans can dream of big things still.

    Conversely, just how bad are the Red Sox?


  2. Sorry all, WordPress is simply not allowing me to login anymore these days on mobile. It’s been a struggle to say the least. I log in, it recognizes me, and then it’s like…nahhhhh. It’s been an issue for almost a year now. No clue what in the world is going on. I’ve tried multiple browsers, I’ve cleared cache, I’ve disabled addons, it’s just completely broke. The only way I can get it to log me in is on desktop, click reply, and click the wordpress button. Then when I browse to a new page, it breaks again. It’s annoying as hell and not making me want to spend a few hours researching what the hell is going on.


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