Cap Tip to Yermin Mercedes

Never heard of Yermin Mercedes? No reason you should have before today. He’s a 28-year-old rookie catcher/DH for the White Sox. He played in the minors from 2011-2019. Last year he subbed in one game for the ChiSox. Yesterday he started a game for the first time at the major league level. All he did was go 5-5. One player in the early 20th century got five hits in his first career start, and so did one player in the late 19th century. Both of them had more than five at bats. Mercedes is thus the only player ever to be 5 of 5.

From ESPN: “I just want to cry every time I see I’m in the majors right now,” Mercedes said. “It’s a long time. I’ve got a big history, so it’s about time, but it’s hard for me because just looking around, and I’m like, ‘It’s real. I’m here.'”

It is indeed real, and congratulations, Yermin Mercedes.

3 thoughts on “Cap Tip to Yermin Mercedes

  1. Yermin Mercedes. What a wonderful name. When I saw that I thought it was going to be Gator going erudite on our ass.


    1. I thought all Mercedes were built in Yerminy. Mercedes McCambridge was built in Scotland, but they closed that plant years ago.


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