How About That?

When I was a kid, I looked forward to watching “This Week in Baseball” every week, hosted by the late, great Mel Allen. As an Army brat in Germany, that and NBC’s Game of the Week were the only baseball viewing I got on Armed Forces Television. I loved Allen’s “How about that?” line when showing particularly cool highlights.
In my mind, I hear him now, saying it for Miguel Cabrera hitting the season’s first home run…through a heavy enough snow squall that I needed the replays to actually see the ball clear the wall. 1 down, 12 to go for #500.

3 thoughts on “How About That?

  1. Not realizing that it had gone out, Miggy slid into 2nd, and, recovering, he continued his trot when others circled their fingers at him. It was too funny.

    First win of the season for the Tigers & first HR goes to Miggy!

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  2. Jar jar Baseball and the Feesh boolpen played the Baltic fleet in one of their classic Battle of Tsushima bottoms of the ninth tonight. Came in up by two. Rays at bat. Eleven pitches: two singles, a three run home run, a triple and an error, four runs.

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  3. I’m just really, really happy to see Trey Mancini playing baseball again. What a good dude who’s managed to fight and overcome such a terrible disease. He went 1-3 with a walk while batting second in his first action in over a year.

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