2021 All Star Game Being Moved

MLB has responded to Georgia’s new voting law by announcing Atlanta is losing its chance to host the All Star Game this year. It has not been decided where the game, and MLB draft, will be instead. The Dodgers were supposed to host last year, but they have been awarded next year’s game to replace last year’s lost opportunity. MLB has stated All Star week will still be used to honor the memory of Hank Aaron. Milwaukee maybe?

As for the law in question, lawsuits have already been filed against said law. I’m no lawyer, but I expect the law to get struck down. Having read it, one part in particular sticks in my craw. That provision actually makes it illegal to give food or water to a prospective voter standing in line to vote. No matter how long the line is/how long the voters have to wait/no matter how hot it may be out. Legislating against kindness is outrageous. Slap a “Vote for X” sticker on the water bottle or granola bar, like ones I’ve been given before, and it’s also protected free speech under the 1st amendment. That part is why I believe the law will not stand.

9 thoughts on “2021 All Star Game Being Moved

  1. I don’t care what side of the isle you are on, but making it more difficult for people to vote is 100% unamerican and against the very foundation this country was built on. It sucks the people of Atlanta will suffer, but I have no issues with the move. The laws are blatantly racist and specifically designed to prevent a group of people from voting, based on a lie perpetrated by the same people who designed these laws. It’s absolutely embarrassing and I’m glad that MLB is taking a stand.

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  2. I didn’t care for the outcome of the 2016 election, but not once did that make me think we should keep people from voting or make it harder to vote. Not once. It sucks when your candidate loses, but trying to rig elections is not an ethical, moral, or reasonable response. And it should be un-American.

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  3. I’m going to dissent here a little bit. The law itself probably won’t affect turnout that much. It does scale back the early and absentee voting but hopefully the next election won’t be held in a pandemic requiring measures not needed before 2020. It actually expands weekend voting and includes a measure that requires that voting machines be distributed in accordance with the size of the local voting population. The most worry some part of it is the increased authority it gives to the gerrymandered state legislature in the event of disputed ballots in a close election. Had it been in place in 2020 they might have been able to steal the state for Trump.

    Here’s the NY Times take on it

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