Opening Day 2021

It’s Opening Day. It’s a new season. It’s baseball. All 30 teams are going to be in action. Everything is as it should be.

Except… there are not one but two proverbial Swords of Damocles hanging over this season. The first is the coronavirus pandemic that is still not over even though hoards of people and politicians want to act like it is. No games have been postponed, but 5 Rangers are out for today under the league protocols. The Rangers have their home stadium fully open for today, BTW, in the face of recently rising case numbers. There are still some teams that will have no fans in the stands. The Blue Jays must play their home games in Dunedin, FL as they cannot freely go/come from Canada.
The second is that the CBA expires after the season. There has been no talk of a lock out or strike during the season, but a full on confrontation once the season is over is never far from either side’s mind. Normally CBA talks begin 12 months out. That was December. They are expected to start this month. Not impossible but late. We definitely will have more to talk about on the subject as the season progresses, but for now…

Play ball!

5 thoughts on “Opening Day 2021

  1. It’s a beee-uuuu-teee-ful day for baseball in Daytwah. First pitch temperature a balmy 33 degrees with wind gusts to 32 mph (that’s a wind chill of 18.6F). Between the cold and the supposedly deadened ball MLB will use this year, there’s a possibility that Matthew Boyd won’t dish up 3 or more gopher balls but that wind is blowing out to LF so all bets are off.

    On the bright side, the Akil Baddoo era starts today for the Tiggers. “Who” you say? He’s a Rule 5 draft pick from Happy’s Team that has lit up spring training leading some Tigger fans to predict he will surpass Roberto Clemente as the greatest Rule 5 draft pick of all time. Proof again that many people in this city drink way too much.

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  2. I really wanted to write a post but WordPress is unusable to me now. It’s too frustrating to try to make a post. I literally wasted 15 minutes just trying to put the picture in right, and I gave up. I’m sorry, but this is my leisure time and I dont want to spend it getting mad and frustrated. I like to write but I don’t have the interest to fight the format. It’s very disappointing. It used to be much easier and I could focus on the writing part. It’s not like that anymore.


    1. It’s weird. Some things I find easier via the app and others via Safari. When I post, I’m accessing the site via WordPress on Safari. For some reason going straight to fan-interference doesn’t work well.


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