6 thoughts on “Marlins Park to Be Renamed

  1. As John Cleese called out to his kitchen workers, “Please fetch me M’sieur’s bucket!”

    No one is gonna buy a mortgage from these people because they’ve inflicted this clumsy, charmless name on the stadium. But hey, if that’s how they want to piss away the stockholders’ money, more power to them.

    To me it always was, is and will be Macondo Banana Massacre Field.

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    1. That definitely has more panache than “LoanDepot Park.” I still like “Ponzi Park” for the Mets, but will cut them some slack and not call Citi Field that since they’re fortunately no longer owned/being dragged down by the Wilpons…except on July 1. Their home field stays “Ponzi Park” on Bobby Bonilla Day through 2035.

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  2. Better than Amway Park and Florida Man Field might have been too on the nose. At least it will be the designated station for something besides salary-dump trades.


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