Numb3rs: Mike Trout Sold His Soul To The Baseball Gods To Win Stardom

Source: Jim Passon as reported by 

Can You Bat .299 In 299 Games? | FiveThirtyEight

Mike Trout has for the last so many years been the best baseball player on this planet (NASA is still investigating Mars). What are the chances of that? Given the current population of this planet (see above Mars reference) about 1 in 7.5 billon! But wait – there’s more (just pay separate handling fee) !

Did you know:

That in his last 299 games Mike Trout has hit exactly >>> .299

Not .298, not .297, .296 … .299. Did we not all already know that the Gods are mathematically  symmetrical? Why else would there be 12 lunar phases in a solar year and 12 eggs in a carton. 

440 games – 440 OBP

.That’s right, a stretch of 440 games and a matching OBP of 440. Remember the odds against something happening grow exponentially as we multiply the against the odds of previously existing prerequisites.  Need we go on? Yes, because we can.

610 games – 610 SLG PCT

The odds of this one alone have got to be smaller than 1 in the size of the COVID stimulus package. One last thing;1020 games –

1020 games – 1.020 OPS

I leave to you the calculation of the odds on this one as my Windows calculator is maxed out. Conclusion:

One Michael Trout has stolen his super stardom by selling his soul to the baseball Gods!

Allow me to conclude

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One thought on “Numb3rs: Mike Trout Sold His Soul To The Baseball Gods To Win Stardom

  1. “…grow exponentially as we multiply…” Wait, What? Glad to see you in midseason form, Happy! I’ll have what you’re having.

    Headline on my iPhone: CA to allow opening of theme parks and ballparks April 1.
    Action: Open MLB ticket app on same iPhone.
    Result: “No tickets available.”
    Do the Charlie Brown (slap forehead, “Aaaarrrrrgggg!!!!”)


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