AAA Season to Start Late

MLB announced the AAA season will start the first week of May instead of the beginning of April. It will now coincide with the start of the A and AA seasons. That’s not why, though. MLB, at least for the first month of the season, is going to use the same alternate training site plan they used last season. The folks at said training site are basically the AAA rosters, so there you go. MLB is also hoping to get the minor leaguers all vaccinated by early May. The plan is also to extend the AAA into September, rather than ending at the start of September.

2 thoughts on “AAA Season to Start Late

  1. It’s 47 degrees and sunny here. And I just finished watching a live Twins game with – fans in the stands. They toyed with the Red Sox before allowing them to win 14 – 6, so as to make them over confidant come the regular season.


    1. I used to love spring training. It was an annual thing my Mom and I would do together. Until the Rays came along, that was my primary in-person baseball viewing.
      Now it’s AAA, and I’m a little bummed. Oh well


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