Kevin Mather: Idiot

Every now and then some MLB exec demonstrates just how arrogant/full of hubris said person is. Usually they don’t take it to the point of imploding their careers. Kevin Mather, erstwhile president and CEO of the Seattle Mariners, has done just that.

He spoke for 45 minutes to a Rotary Club. During that brief time, he called Julio Rodriguez “loud” and denigrated his ability to speak English. He essentially admitted service time manipulation of Jarred Kelenic in retaliation for his not signing a deal that could buy out his first three years of free agent eligibility. He called Kyle Seager “overpaid” (he’s not, BTW). He stated Marco Gonzalez got into a clubhouse dispute with a former teammate and pushed him (he didn’t). He said  Hisashi Iwakuma‘s English is “terrible” and complained about having to pay an interpreter $75K a year. Iwakuma made $50M in his big league career, signed up to help coach, does not need the money, but quite reasonably likely thinks accurate communication is a good thing.

Remember that a few years ago the Mariners had to settle with two former employees over sexual harassment by Mather…and then they promoted him to president.

Bye, Mr Mather, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

3 thoughts on “Kevin Mather: Idiot

  1. Maybe some of us need to rethink the general perception baseball executives are smart? The other question which this sad story suggests is how do Mather’s offenses rank in comparison with trading Arenado and gobs of money for a pitcher of cold spit?


    1. Good point.
      It was amazing, every one of the statements I listed would have been major, team-distracting gaffes. I didn’t even list all of his gaffes. It was amazing how he talked in public for 45 minutes and never seemed to think “wow, I really need to shut up!” Instead it was like he was checking off a list, thinking “hmmm, who have I not offended yet?”


  2. It’s like the whole damn country has forgotten how to mind their tongues. It must be in the water these days. Here’s to a return to aiming a little higher with our public discourse.

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