Tatis Signs Big Deal

Fernando Tatis has signed a deal that means he won’t be a free agent until he’s 36. He’s 22 now. The 14 year deal is worth $340M. That’s second in dollar value to Mike Trout’s and Mookie Betts’ deals…not bad. The deal also means the Padres are the first team to have two players with $300+M contracts. Plus, it also means they signed by far the largest contract by any team this winter, more than doubling George Springer’s deal with the Blue Jays.

3 thoughts on “Tatis Signs Big Deal

    1. It is, as long as Tatis stays healthy. That’s a definite risk—he had a back injury as a rookie, remember. If he stays healthy, though, the Padres have bought all of his expected most productive seasons at a rate that’s likely to end up below market. From Tatis’ side, $340M is big lottery money, is fully guaranteed, and locks him in as likely the face of his franchise for his entire career. He’s already doing pretty well with endorsements, and will make a lot more if he does stay healthy and plays as well as we all think he will.


  1. They will finish paying him the same year Bonilla gets his last check. The odds we talk about Tatis ‘ last check as a burden on the Padres like Bonilla?


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