Springer Signs with Jays

No surprise here, it’s been rumored for weeks that the Toronto Blue Jays would push hard to sign George Springer. The deal is for six years, $150M. He is 31 now, so this deal will carry him through his age 37 season. He has 3 all star nods, two Silver Sluggers, and was the MVP of the signal-stealing, tainted 2017 WS. If he stays healthy and continues to produce at an all star level, this will be a good signing and he’ll live down the 2017 scandal. (He will no doubt hear boos, particularly in New York, but that was going to happen anyway.).

While various pundits always worded things as “if he leaves the Astros,” that always seemed a foregone conclusion unless they came forward with a deal as good as what the Jays offered. It should be recalled that, in the offseason before his rookie year in 2014, they offered him a seven year, $23M deal. That was widely seen as a very low-ball offer, which he declined. He then suddenly needed a couple more weeks in the minors in the eyes of team management, and he was not brought up until April 16, 2014–a classic case of service time manipulation. That got the Astros the seventh year of control they wanted, and angered their player (who, I’m sure) never forgot how that all went down). How low ball was that offered $23M? He made over $50M going year by year through his arbitration years.

4 thoughts on “Springer Signs with Jays

  1. I like this signing, as long as the turf doesn’t kill his knees.

    It’s an indication of how out of the loop, baseball-wise, I have been in the last few months that I hadn’t been aware of this potential deal. Life, as it always seems to do, has been getting in the way of other things. All I want is a return to semi-normality, so we can all return to semi-sanity.


    1. Were I a Jays fan, I’d have been happy with a four year deal and a bit nervous about the six they gave him. He probably won’t still be a center fielder when he’s 37 even with good health. However, if he stays healthy, he hits well enough to be worth the deal as a corner outfielder. The issue is deals going into a player’s upper 30’s are always a gamble on their durability.


  2. Does he get to bring his trash can?

    Truthfully, I will miss him in Houston. He does not have the best baseball instincts ( you will be baffled by the routes he takes to fly balls), but he makes up for it with speed, raw athleticism and an exuberant personality that the other players will find quite winning.

    I agree with Raysfan. I would have felt more comfortable with 3/$80MM. I think he will not age particularly well. But a solid deal for 3-4 years.

    So long, George. Best of luck.


    1. As long as this deal doesn’t turn into Vernon Wells 2.0, I’ll be content.

      The Jays have been blessed with some pretty amazing CF talent over the years, my favourite being the great Devon White, who barely edges out Lloyd Moseby.


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