Mets Fire GM

Last night a story broke on ESPN about the Mets’ new GM Jared Porter having sent unsolicited/undesired lewd texts to a female reporter while he was a front office employee of the Chicago Cubs in 2016. He confirmed he did—wasn’t much point of denying it, seeing as ESPN had copies of all the texts. This AM he is the former GM of the Mets after only one month on the job. Owner Steve Cohen cited zero tolerance for that sort of behavior when he took over the team, and he has sent a clear message now that he meant it.

I’m certain that there will be those on various forums who claim this is unfair, that he owned up to it when confronted, that it was 4 years ago, that he eventually apologized and stopped, etc. However, every major corporation I know of has had very clear sexual harassment policies for decades. There is no reasonable way to presume he did not know sending unsolicited penis pictures to someone wasn’t okay. Porter no doubt thought he’d never have to face his past actions, forgetting what goes into texts/emails/social media/the net lives forever…and thus failed to divulge the skeleton in his closet when hired into a face-of-the-franchise type of job. Not much sympathy coming from my direction.

5 thoughts on “Mets Fire GM

  1. The Mets must have the MLB record for hiring management people who don’t make it to their first regular season: Carlos Beltran and now Jared Porter. a record that will be hard to break.

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    1. I thought about that, too. However, while the Wilpons could or should have realized the Astros’ scandal could end up involving Beltran, I can’t expect a routine vetting process to have uncovered what Porter did. Cohen did what he could—cut bait immediately.


  2. It’s not like ladies can’t find porn on their own. The internets has plenty of it. If we wanted pics, we can find them ourselves. We don’t want you sending us pics. How is that hard to understand? We want to do our jobs in peace.


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