Happy New Year

First, thanks for the kind condolences after my Mom’s passing. In the last couple months I’ve also gotten to deal with a kidney stone and a kitchen fire, so suffice to say I’m not sorry to see Jan 1, 2021 arrive. (Regarding the kitchen fire, shout out to USAA for being every bit as good as advertised.)

Although my fav team got to the WS for the second time ever, I’m also only too happy to wave goodbye to a 60-game season and hope for better in 2021 for all baseball fans.

The baseball HoF lost seven members this year, most recently Phil Niekro just this past week. That’s the most ever in a calendar year, an unfortunate record that will hopefully not be matched anytime soon.

Please, everyone, stay safe and have a happy, healthy, prosperous 2021.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Thanks for all you contribute to the site for the rest of us to argue and criticize.

    Remember your work here is appreciated and you have been in our thoughts.

    I join you in anxiously awaiting the end of the Year in Hell (STVoyager reference). I’m working on keeping level headed, and not having expectations rise too high.

    And, as always in the preseason, the Angels are not behind ANY other teams! A fleeting and wonderful circumstance…


    1. Don’t forget that after the Year In Hell was over it was like nothing had ever happened and the well intentioned but misguided head bad guy went back to That Seventies Show.

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