7 thoughts on “Seventh Inning Outbreak II

    1. Probably not because I seem to remember seeing a quote once, something to the effect of “Baseball is dying, you guys”. Can’t remember where I saw it. Seems the site I thought it was on doesn’t exist in the same form. Anywho, since baseball is dying, I guess we all are also. One day at a time. I assume your annual Christmas Over the Rhine trip is corona’d out.

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      1. Yes but they’re doing it online this year (isn’t everybody?). It won’t be the same, of course. There’s the nog- and mulled wine filled dinner at a local tavern before the first night’s show with the usual suspects I will miss terribly; I won’t get my annual Cincinnati chili and eggs breakfast at Camp Washington Chili, or my hamburger looking down into the throat of Great American Ballpark from the Tramway tavern.
        But there’ll be the music. I’ll take it every time.

        What’s worse is my annual Grateful Dead Caucus meeting at the Southwestern / American Popular Culture Association Conference in Albuquerque in February, which has dwindled to digital as well. No Albuquerque, no world’s greatest chicken fried steak at the Route 66 Diner (and no chance to see if they’ve added any new Pez dispensers to the world’s largest collection); no carne adovada at Garca’s, no southwestern corned beef hash at Mannie’s, no ayurvedan dinner at Annapurna’s….and no telltale aroma of illicit combustibles clinging to our shirts and jeans in the conference room. Damn.

        So what’s happened to Scouts and Prof? Have they abandoned ship?


        1. I think Scouts & Prof are usually pretty quiet during the off season, last off season most of the posts came form Happy & Raysfan. Sorry that you’ll miss all your gastronomical treats, but on the bright side your cholesterol may be better off.


        2. I think Sparty (I hope that isn’t too familiar) is right re Scout and Prof. Happy likes to make random existential posts occasionally and Raysfan is on leave. The comments can be quite out of touch with the original post here (which I enjoy) but there must be someone to start it.

          There is currently an opening in the Southeast.


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