Happy Thanksgiving – 2020

I experienced a respiratory crisis early the morning of Monday 11-9, and was transported by ambulance to the hospital where I remained until the following Friday. I returned home that Friday feeling a hell of lot better, relatively. Thank you God.

My diagnosis is extreme congestive heart failure and COPD / Emphysema (the terms seem to be somewhat inter changeable). If I have another year or three I’m a lucky son of a bitch. Hell, if I die tomorrow I’m still a lucky son of a bitch. My family has shown me that it loves me, and that is not just the most important thing it is the ONLY thing that matters. I am like the Twins. I gave better than what I got in the regular season and made the playoffs. Even if I don’t make it past the wild card it was a good season.

No matter what I am thankful. Happy Thanksgiving from Happy.

Dean Martin – You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You – YouTube

10 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving – 2020

  1. I admit I had to look this up to refresh my memory: In 1987 Viola went eight innings to beat the Cards, take the World Series MVP and lead the Minnesota Twins to the Promised Land.

    Like the Twins, you are a champion. I’m happy (no pun intended) to have been amused by your thoughts and your eclectic musical selections. You are in my thoughts. Please, if you will, stick around a bit longer.


    1. You guys are probably getting a bleaker impression than I intended to give. My take is that this ball game isn’t in the 8th or 9th inning, but it also isn’t in the 5th or 6th inning, but most likely the 7th inning. Which is okay because that’s usually the best inning.

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      1. Just don’t forget to stretch and sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. And hopefully this game goes into extra innings, because you’re a good guy and deserve extra innings.


  2. Late, I know, but Happy Thanksgiving all. Chin up, Happy. ATM I’m wearing a Holter halter (?) or portable ecg (born with a heart murmur) so new territory for me. Hope all goes well, should know something by Xmas. Timing is everything. Wish health and happiness to all.


      1. was feeling a sore throat and coughing a week ago, same timeframe in which one of my neighbors caught the ‘rona. Called out sick, got tested that week and results came back negative! (Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic..) so far, no need for bubblewrap, but the xmas gift packaging should suffice if necessary.. happy hodaze all.


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