Is the World Trolling Us?

I don’t like getting into politics, and that’s not what this post is about.

No…it’s this: The Boston Red Sox have apparently hired a new manager. It’s Alex Cora. No, I’m not kidding.

We all know why he got fired last off-season. If the Red Sox had planned to bring him back after his roll of in cheating both with the 2017 Houston Astro’s and 2018 Red Sox, they could have just let MLB’s one season suspension of him ride instead of going through the dog and pony show of firing him. If that was PR, then this is don’t-give-a-damn about PR.

Best of luck to him, I guess. He’s served his suspension. As for the Red Sox, well, they have their work cut out for them. Their offense is overpriced and underperformed. Their rotation is…not good. As a result, they were a bottom feeder this year and probably will be next year too without a lot of money being spent.

3 thoughts on “Is the World Trolling Us?

  1. I’m not an advocate of cheating. Baseball has a set of rules. However, as we see when a batter rushes the mound, a runner approaches the plate or the base a fraction of a second after the ball, interpretation of the rules is…subject to differences of opinion. Umpires, particularly in ball and strike calls, also vary in application of the rules. We laughed at Crash Davis telling the batter what pitch Nuke was about to deliver. Nobody laughed at the Astros.

    I believe that the Astro team members, who went unpunished, leaving the manager to pay for the crime, are the real scoundrels. As for Cora, he was going to be hired very soon by somebody if not Boston. He did his time and paid through loss of income, and now he’s a free man. Let him do what he does.


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