It’s Like It’s 1985 Again

The Chicago White Sox have gone back to the future to hire their “new” manager—Dr Emmett Brown, ummm, I mean Tony LaRussa. He was previously their manager from 1979 – 1986.
He led the ChiSox to the playoffs in 1983, which was their first postseason appearance since 1959. After getting fired part way through the 1986 season, he moved on to the A’s and then the Cardinals, winning a World Series at each stop. That, obviously, is what the White Sox are hoping for…and didn’t think Rick Renteria could do.

Former Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa stands with his Major League Baseball Hall of Fame plaque before the second game of a baseball doubleheader against the Detroit Tigers in Chicago on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014. (AP Photo/Matt Marton)

At 76, he is now the oldest current manager, surpassing the 71-year-old Dusty Baker. LaRussa is also now the second oldest manager ever at the time of his hiring (Jack McKeon, 2011 with the Marlins at age 80). He is already has a plaque in the HoF, and has the third most victories as a manager ever with 2,728. Connie Mack is untouchable at 3,731, but he will presumably surpass John McGraw’s 2,763 (the presumption primarily due to having to assume the coronavirus pandemic does not prevent an at least almost full 2021 season.
He hasn’t managed since 2011. However, I feel safe in predicting there will be many, many pitching changes in the White Sox’ future.

5 thoughts on “It’s Like It’s 1985 Again

  1. Tony La Russa?!?! TONY FREEKIN’ LA RUSSA??? That guy is older than me! He’s older than me and Gator put together and Gator had “Old” in his name! He’s older than me, Gator and Happy Twins Fan combined – and all three of us put together needed two neighbors to help clear the snow off the driveway!

    There are certainties in this existence. Left turn only on arrow. Yankees bad, Angels good. E=something-something squared. Don’t bring back old Joe Madden as manager when you made the mistake of not making young Joe Madden your manager you dumbass Arte. And don’t take a futurama head like Tony La Russa out of the jar to manage your team!!!

    I wonder sometimes if you have to take stupid pills to be a major league baseball exec. Baseball is great because of the fail factor. Perfect games are extremely rare. The best batters make an out over half the time. You would think that the office types would have cooler heads and think out moves before making them, but no, they do not.


    1. I heard Jeff Passan indicate that this was all Jerry Reinsdorf. He’s the owner, so he gets what he wants. However, Passan also indicated there are folks in the White Sox front office asking the same question you did.


  2. As a Tigger fan I’m hoping he convinces Jim Leyland to leave our front office and come back to coach 3B for him again. With Covid likely continuing on until next year I’m surprised an old guy like LaRussa would increase his exposure chances.


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