7 thoughts on ““HOLY COW!”

  1. That was incredible!!! Roberts’ face said it all. It was crazy. No idea why he downgraded them defensively, but that hurt. And then Arozarena FELL DOWN!!!!! Amazingly, it didn’t matter because the catcher didn’t have the ball — that was so nuts! I was yelling at the TV. What an exciting ending! I thought the Rays were finished & it would go to extras when a guy who was cold and hits .196 came up. He looked scared but it was a hero moment for him. Wow!

    (Aside: Smoltz kept confusing me when he was saying Betts, who wasn’t playing CF.)


    1. Overall Smoltz has been excellent; I think the mistake is how his shock at the play manifested.

      I was thinking at the time that Arozarena fell trying to stop when seeing the ball might beat him to the plate despite Taylor’s misplay in the OF. At that point, of course, I was yelling “NO!” because he was dead meat until Smith didn’t catch the ball.


      1. Paper said that Arozarena fell like that during a game when he was with the Cardinals, but in that instance, he stayed down and got tagged. Thankfully, 3B coach prodded him on this time.

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  2. Game 6, 1986. This one would have been right there with it if not for the feeling two neanderthal-hitter-infected AL teams were playing each other.


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