He Said, She Said – Let’s Go To The World Series 2020!

Scouts: And we are now down to one. One final game to decide who will face the Rays in the World Series. Personally I had no dog in this race. Sure I like the Braves, they have some former O’s, plus it would have made Prof very happy. However I also kinda like the Dodgers. They’ve been around for a while trying to knock down this door, and it would be nice to see them finally break on through. Plus, you know, Clayton Kersaw.

Atlanta at one point held a 3-1 series lead over the Dodgers, but as I wrote way back when, LA was the sort of team that could easily run the table. They dominate in every aspect, with one of the most punishing offenses in baseball, to a fantastic pitching staff, and a top notch defense. Atlanta actually surprised me as they played much better than I expected. They were neck and neck with the Dodgers every step of the way. They were both blown out, and responded with a blow out of their own. Unfortunately one team had to win and one had to lose. I honestly could have watched these two teams play each other for twelve more games.

Dodgers 4, Braves 3Scouts: The final game went just as the entire series did. Atlanta jumped out to an early lead, but LA continued to grind it out, and after some back and forth, eventually the Dodgers were standing at the end. Atlanta drew first blood in the first thanks to a Marcell single which scored Ronald Acuna. Dansby Swanson homered in the second to give them a little breathing room.

It wasn’t enough of course as the Dodgers tied it up in the third thanks to a Will Smith single scoring Justin Turner and Max Muncy. Austin Riley gave Atlanta it’s final lead of the series in the 4th thanks to a line drive to center scoring Ozzie Albies.

But then LA did what LA does best. Hit home runs. Enrique Hernandez went deep in the 6th, pinch hitting for Joc Pederson.

Finally, with the game tied in the 7th, Cody Bellinger got a hold of one and, well let’s just say there was no doubt about it. It was the first Dodgers lead of the game, but it was all that mattered. It was the team’s 16th home run of the Championship Series.

The Dodgers will get Monday off to rest up before the World Series officially kicks off. We are now anywhere from 4-7 games away from the end of the 2020 season. Neither team has announced a starting pitcher as of yet, however all signs are pointing to a Glasnow/Kershaw matchup.

Is everyone excited to see the Rays and Dodgers face off? Are you just glad the year is almost to a conclusion? Do you feel like Baseball has really just gotten started and now it’s almost done?

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Let’s Go To The World Series 2020!

  1. The WS being between the two #1 seeds will certainly add legitimacy to whomever wins…a legitimacy that would have totally evaporated if the Astros were in it instead of the Rays.

    I feel bad for the Braves in that you know they will be reliving running themselves out of the 4th. The self-inflicted base-running blunder created an inning ending double play that limited them to just the one run that inning.

    Do have to give a hat tip to MLB—after a couple rough patches early, it’s now been over 7 weeks since anyone with Major League Baseball has tested positive for COVID-19. Football, college and professional, can only dream of that right now.

    Anyway, it’s down a team looking for its first ever WS championship and one looking for its first in 32 years. Bring it on!


  2. My dream WS matchup would have been the Rays vs the Padres, if only to ensure someone won their first championship. As it stands, I will echo Raysfan1 that it is nice to see the top seeds in the World Series.

    I was tossed up on the NLCS, though. The Dodgers have clearly been the best team in the NL over the past decade, and it has been 32 years since Kirk Gibson carried the team on his gimpy legs to their 1988 title. On the other hand, it would have been fun around here to have a Raysfan vs Prof cage match. The trash talk could have been epic. 🙂

    As far as the WS, I am again tossed up, as I am an AL guy first and foremost and it would be great to have an AL East champ not from NY or Boston. But I also like the Dodgers (see above).

    Anyway, we have at most 7 more games in this weird 2020 season, so let’s enjoy them while we can and hope to hell that the 2021 season is a wee bit more normal — that is if some people in the US can get their heads out of their asses regarding COVID-19.

    Oh yeah… it would also be great if we could enjoy the World Series without having to listen to Joe Buck…


    1. The Dodgers just saved MLB from putting on one of its lowest rated World Series in memory. That said, NBJays should be thrilled because this year it WILL be an all-AL World Series anyway, thanks to that dumbed-down mise-en-scene, the Neanderthal hitter. Yawn.


    2. You’ll never see me in a trash talking contest. My one sports superstition is that it always bites me in the butt if I trash talk.


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