He Said, She Said – Playoffs 10/14/2020

Scouts: I hope no one was ready for the WS to start, because it looks like we will be playing more baseball. All the routes and sweeps that were in progress all took a step back as the empire struck back.

Dodgers 15, Braves 3Scouts: 11 runs in the first inning, including homers by Joc Pederson (3 runs), Edwin Rios (solo) and Max Munch (Grand Slam). LA was not about to go quietly into that good night. They needed to make a statement, and suddenly they look like they could run the table. They were absolutely in complete control in this one and reminded everyone there’s a reason they had the best record in the league. Tonight, Clayton Kershaw will face Bryse Wilson as once again, the pressure is on for Clayton in a playoff matchup.

Rays 3, Astros 4Scouts: It was a win or go home game, and there’s no one Houston would rather have had on the mound more than Zack Greinke. Nursing a 4-2 lead in the 6th with runners on first and second, and a hot hitter at the plate, Dusty Baker had a decision to make. Should he let it all ride on his ace, or should he call to the bullpen? Greinke didn’t even argue his case. Catcher Martin Maldonado was too busy doing it for him. Maldonado won and Greinke struck out Arozarena swinging to end the threat. The Astros have a long way to go before they are out of the fryer, but the win was only the 9th time a team down 3-0 has extended the series in the last 39 attempts. The series will pick up again tonight, however at this time no starters have been announced.

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