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Prof: It’s true, I have been traveling through time and dimensions in a second hand TARDIS. I was able to stop into our era long enough to see some baseball games before I must head back to Jupiter’s moon and become a Starchild. (To be honest, I moved this weekend and have been unpacking and cleaning, had my birthday, and have been covering for someone at work so I’ve been absolutely beat. But moonlighting as a Time Lord is much more interesting.) My internet is spotty at best at the moment since I’m still in the move-in stage, so I don’t think I’ll recap much other than the game most important to me. A hat tip to Scouty for the assist. And away we go!

Marlins 0, Braves 7Prof: For the first time since before I could legally drink, my team of choice is in the Championship Series. Excuse me while I cry happy tears. No longer can you hang the mantle of the No Fun Police on this team; not when people like Acuña and Swanson are lacing up the cleats. Miami tried, but the Braves couldn’t be denied. A sweep, featuring a brilliant outing from young Kyle Wright. The rookie went six innings, punching out seven. Not bad for playoff numbers, aye? Meanwhile, Dansby and d’Arnaud each had two RBI as they fileted those Feesh. Now they wait to see who they face to get to their first World Series in more than 20 years…

Dodgers 12, Padres 2Scouts: And that closes the books on a very exciting season for the Padres. LA absolutely put a whoopin on them to send them home. It almost feels like LA had just been toying with them all along. San Diego went mega deep into their bullpen throwing 11 pitchers to get through 9 innings, and it didn’t phase LA one bit. LA’s biggest inning was the third where they put up 5 runs the old fashioned way. With a lotta singles. In fact, the team most known for great pitching and AL style power offense, went full small ball in this one. They didn’t hit a single one out of the park, and even picked up a triple! They worked 9 walks, only struck out 9 times, and plated 12 runs on 14 hits. Will Smith and Cody Bellinger had the biggest days with three RBI’s each.

Athletics 6, Astros 11Scouts: And here we go. Houston enters their 4th consecutive ALCS and now await the winner of the Rays/Yankees series. The big inning was the 4th where they put 5 on the board and never looked back. Houston got homers out of Michael Brantley (twice), Carlos Correa, and Jose Altuve. They are so cocky that Zack Greinke was literally telling his opponents the pitches he was going to throw. It cost him a three run home run, and they didn’t even care.

Rays 1, Yankees 5Scouts: And just like that, the Yankees have their groove back. They forced a do or die game 5, and they’ll have the advantage of their newly signed expensive free agent Gerrit Cole on the mound. Tampa will face off with Tyler Glasnow. Luke Voit and Gleyber Torres homered, but the key to this one was Jordan Montgomery holding down the fort for 4 innings before he was able to hand it over to Chad Green, Zack Britton, and finally Aroldis Chapman. With all other series wrapped up, the final showdown will get prime time Friday evening action, kicking off tonight at 7:10 on TBS.

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  1. And in more bad news, we lost yet another HoF legend to the ravages of time. The great Whitey Ford passed away today at the respectable age of 91. The man won roughly 7 of every 10 games he started, and even if you are backed up by the Yankees juggernauts of the 50s and 60s, you don’t do that by being mediocre.

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    1. You could make a pretty good team using players who have died this year. OF: Al Kaline, Lou Brock, Jimmy Wynn. IF: Tony Fernandez, Tony Taylor, Bob Watson, Glenn Beckert. C: Biff Pocaroba. SP: Whitey Ford, Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, Don Larsen. Closer: Ron Perranoski.

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  2. Been out of pocket past few days, making sure the boy is all caught on his high school work before his first quarter is over.

    Obviously very happy Rays are on to the ALCS. Only their second time advancing so far.

    Mad the Astros are still alive. For at least one week, I can number the vast majority of baseball fans are Rays fans—really hope they don’t disappoint y’all!


    1. I’m looking forward to an all West Coast world series… west coast of CA — Dodgers — vs west coast of FL — Rays. Just need to eliminate the pesky Asterisks and the upstart Barves… (with apologies to Prof.)


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