He Said, She Said – Playoff Edition! 10-5-2020

Scouts: Prof couldn’t be here, she was celebrating her birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Prof!) when a bunch of aliens, landed and abducted her. Right as she was eating her cake! It seems they were in need of a tutor on WHIP, BABIP, ISO, ERA+, and as to why Aubrey Huff is such a gigantic, loudmouth jackass. That last one may take a while. Last night, the ALDS got officially underway, and we have Baseball things to discuss!

Astros 10, Athletics 5Scouts: Oh boy. You are either in the small group of Astros fans, or the larger pool who absolutely hates them for the cheating and wants to see them lose as painfully as possible. Well, last night didn’t help if you are on Team USA. The official recap will talk about how the team was free swinging and how they got their groove back, but anyone who watched the game will tell you the game pivoted on a two-out fielding error by Marcus Semien in the 6th which led to 4 unearned Astro runs and absolutely cost Oakland the game. This was a massive mistake that could be a defining moment in the best of 5 series.

Yankees 9, Rays 3Scouts: There are many who dislike the Yankees, claiming they have an unfair advantage and can simply buy their way to the playoffs year after year. Those critics won’t be silenced by Gerrit Cole’s performance last night. Cole, who signed a 9 year 324 million dollar deal with the Yankees in July was signed for one specific purpose. Pitching in the playoffs. Cole shut down the best team in the AL allowing just 3 runs over 6 innings. The game was actually neck and neck until the Yankees busted out for 5 runs in the 5th against John Curtiss. New York did what New York does best. Hit homers. Clint Frazier, Kyle Higashioka, Aaron Judge, all went deep for the Yanks, capping it off with a Giancarlo Stanton Grand Slam in the 9th. Come on Tampa, the world is looking toward you to turn the tide and beat back the Evil Empire!

2 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Playoff Edition! 10-5-2020

  1. 1) I am neither Astros fan nor demanding karmic revenge for their cheating in 2017. I am, however, rootin’ agin ‘em ‘cause no team with a losing record in the regular season belongs in the playoffs.
    2) The Rays has beaten the Yankees 4 straight times with Cole on the mound. Every streak comes to an end. I did not watch the game as I had obligations elsewhere—kinda glad I did.
    3). On the list of umps for the Rays/Yankees: CB Bucknor. Oi.
    4). Umpire at 1B for today’s Dodgers/Padres tilt: Angel Hernandez. Double oi. You may recall he umped a playoff game two years ago in which three of his calls at 1B got overturned on replay review. You may also recall he’s suing MLB for discrimination over not getting promoted and not working a WS for a number years, alleging it’s because he’s Hispanic and not because he’s the worst ump in all of MLB…which he is. Of note, he was an interim crew chief for several games this year because there were 12 umps who opted out over COVID-19 concerns.


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