He Said, She Said – Postseason Edition for 9/30

Prof: I hate that the playoff recaps are as long as a regular day’s worth of games. I’m trying to finish packing to move and this isn’t helping. Oh well. I also forgot there were games the other night. That’s what happens when your team of choice plays their series opener at noon o’clock on a random weekday.

Yankees 10, Spiders 9Scouts: This was a wild, back and forth affair that eventually broke New York’s way. Cleveland jumped out to an early 4 run lead in the first. New York stormed back only to have Cleveland tie it up. After some back and forth, Cleveland ended up with a 9-8 lead entering the ninth. Gary Sanchez tied it up with a sac fly to center, and DJ LeMahieu gave the Yankees their final lead when he singled in Gio Urshela. With the win New York will move on to face the Rays in the ALDS.

Brewers 2 Dodgers 4Scouts: The Dodgers gave Walker Buehler an early hook, as they seem to already be looking past the Brewers and towards the World Series. And Milwaukee didn’t give them much reason to pay them much attention. Outside of Orlando Arcia’s two run homer, the Brew Crew couldn’t get anything going and take the first loss of the series.

Reds 0, Braves 1 F/13Prof: Anyone who paid attention to this game and still doesn’t think Freddie Freeman is a god among men deserves to be punched in the face. I’ll even do the punching; your friendly neighborhood pacifist will engage in violence on FF5’s behalf. Besides the clutch awesomeness of Freddie, this game was an ultimate pitcher’s duel between the probable NL CY winner, the Noted Drone Enthusiast, and the young ace of the Braves, the GQMF himself. Bauer was masterful – 7 2/3 innings and struck out 12. Max was no slouch, either, going 7 innings and 5 K. The offense let both squads down, and thankfully the future NL MVP saved the day with a walk off single.

Astros 3, Twins 1Scouts: And just like that the magical season for the Twins comes to an end. They mounded an incredibly late season comeback to take the third seed, but that’s where the magic ended. Houston, who almost missed the playoffs entirely is now demanding a lot of respect as they move on to face the winner of the Oakland/Chicago matchup. Pitching was pretty decent on both sides, but Houston struck first and last, and the Twins just couldn’t get anything going, picking up their only run on a Nelson Cruz double in the 5th.

Marlins 5, Cubs 1Prof: It seems to me that the Feesh have about eighteen rabbit’s feet in their pockets, or maybe the Cubs are just playing over their heads. Either way, this series is Miami’s to lose. Anytime you can get the best of Kyle Hendricks, you’re doing something right. Corey Dickerson hitting a three run bomb in the fifth was a dagger in the heart.

White Sox 3, A’s 5Scouts: Oakland wasn’t about to go down without a fight, bouncing back from the Game 1 loss, they came out swinging early, picking up two runs in the first and two in the second. Following a Khris Davis homer in the 4th to give them a 5-0 lead, they had to hold on as Yasmani Grandal tried to put the Sox on his back and mount a comeback. But Grandal’s two homers wasn’t enough, and we will have a win or go home game elimination game.

Blue Jays 2, Rays 8Prof: A feature of this odd playoff setup is that these early games are best of 3, and thus Tampa Bay Sea Creatures win their first postseason series in over a decade. The Baby Bs and G-Unit are sent home to Buffaronto, to lick their wounds and regroup for next season. Congrats, Rays. Y’all didn’t even need to break out the Opener, you had Tyler Glasnow going six with 8 K. Shout out to Hunter Renfroe with the grand slam!

Cardinals 7, Padres 5Prof; You know. It’s been about 500 years since the Friars were in a postseason berth and the Birds on the Bat are experts in crushing playoff hopes and dreams. Good to see they keep that Devil Magic handy for teams other than Atlanta. Paul Goldschmidt is probably thrilled to death to get some playoff at-bats. Definitely not taking it for granted, the first baseman hit a two run homer in early innings to set the tone for St. Louis.

3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Postseason Edition for 9/30

  1. 1) I’ll repeat myself re: my ChiSox-A’s comment from yesterday—the ChiSox are now 15-0 vs left handed starters and 21-26 vs right handed starters. Bob Melvin should put nothing but righties on the mound today.
    2) The Twins’ 18-game postseason losing streak is now 18, the longest in major North American sports history…and the Indians asked them to hold their beer while they finished off their 10th straight loss in an elimination game, also a MLB record.
    3) Carlos Correa was chirping after the game about how they need to be respected as a real good team even though everyone is mad they’re in the playoffs because of the 2017 WS cheating scandal. His premise is wrong. I’m mad they’re in the playoffs because a team with a losing record does not belong in the playoffs. Winning a short series in the playoffs does not change that.
    4) After the starters left the Braves/Reds game, and they still couldn’t hit, it seemed more hapless offense than pitching duel.
    5) In desperation time for the Reds in the bottom of the 13th, the Reds moved the CF into the infield to try to hold the runner on third. That, of course, meant all of center field was wide open if the Braves hitter could just poke a ball out there. How insane was it to try that when that Braves batter happened to be their best player, ie Freeman?

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  2. My daughter in law, who stood by my son during his mental health crisis(s) and who has cried with me over the phone dozens of times, is a big fan of that team from Illinois. Now that the Twins are out

    GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOO WHITE SOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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