Sunday Numb3rs Finale


The total number of complete games this year. That works out to 0.3111…% of all the games. I wonder how many of them were seven inning games.  Four teams including your beloved Twins have 0 complete games.


The team ERA of the 15th ranked Royals. Sounds about average to me.


The number of home runs the Dodgers would project to hit in 162 game season. I forget, what was the record set by your beloved Twins last year, 399 or something?

115 – 47

The projected record of the Dodgers in a 162 game season

52 – 110

The projected record of the Pirates in a 162 game season.


The number of players who would finish with 40 or more home runs in a 162 game season. Two would finish with over 50.  Luke Volt of the Yankees would finish with a Ruthian 59.


The number of players that will finish the season with an average 400 or above. But we were able to enjoy a week of delusional thinking.


Juan Soto on base average. It should be possible to get to 500. Isn’t that almost as good as 400


Miguel Sano’s strike out rate.  Almost as good as 500.


The number walks Bryce Harper would get. Bryce Harper? He doesn’t look at all like Barry Bonds.

Awesome (Infinity’s cousin)

Freddie Freemans offensive stats. He’s leading the league in runs, RBI and is second in OPS.



Your beloved Twins 15th rank OPS.  Sounds exceptionally average to me.


The Dodgers league leading team ERA. Some team from Ohio (I think) is in second and your beloved Twins is in third. 


Besides being perhaps the most divine prime number is the number of starting pitchers with an ERA under 2. The number one guy is from some team in Ohio and the number two guy is from some team In Illinois which is currently losing to the other team from Illinois and is on the brink of being eliminated from contention for its division championship. 

329 / 1.63

The league leading projected number of 162 game strikeouts and ERA from a pitcher with some team in Ohio. Curiously there are two pitchers showing up in the top five of those categories who hail from some team in Illinois. 

10 – 1 / 2 – 2

The scores at this moment of the White Sox – Cubs game and the Twins – Reds game, respectively. If either the white Sox lose or the Twins win, the Twins win the Central.

I love this song. It was what I was listening to when I made the decision that made me a father of four and and a grandpa of six. No Regrets.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Numb3rs Finale

  1. 2: The number of teams with 40 or more wins (Rays, Dodgers)
    2, part 2: The number of teams with losing records in the playoffs (Astros, Brewers). The Brewers’ reward is a trip to LA to face the 43-win Dodgers. The Astros, because they are the second place team, are the #6 seed in the AL and will not have to play the Rays. Hopefully the Twins dispatch them rapidly anyway.
    4: The number of NL Central teams in the playoffs. Sorry, no Pirates invited to the party.

    I’m going to miss this feature in the offseason.

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