He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/22/2020

Prof: Howdy, fam. We’re coming down to the wire on this abbreviated regular season and a super sized playoffs. Hard to believe we got this far. Soon, Scout and I will be doing our annual predictions on MVP and Cy Young. Manager of the year is pretty much anyone who kept the team together and healthy in this weird year. Let’s discuss.

Phillies 1, Nationals 5 F/7 Game 1Scouts: Both pitchers pitched a complete game, although I’m not sure if it counts since it was a 7 inning affair. Anyways, the big difference in this one was a 4 run 3rd inning that featured a few doubles, a couple of key singles, and an ill advised walk.

Phillies 7 Nationals 8 F/8 Game 2Scouts: John Kruk was not happy with Joe West, as Joe West and Angel Hernandez tried their best to out do one another for absolute worst umpire in the game. Philly took the lead in extras when Roman Quinn hit a sac bunt and Brock Holt threw it to the moon. Washington got the last laugh however when Yadiel Hernandez smoked a walk off over the right field fence.

White Sox 3, Spiders 5 F/10Prof: Seems like there was an ump show here if White Sox Twitter can be believed. The 10th inning was where the action was, anyway. Jose Ramirez with the three run walk-off dinger.

Scouts: Angel Hernandez was even worse than his usual horrible self last night, and the Twitterverse was all over it. This is just 4 days after Angel Hernandez made a hilariously horrible HPB call against the Cubs. And just a few weeks after he went out of his way to eject 4 players and two managers in a Cubs/Reds matchup. Angel Hernandez is doing his best to ruin the MLB Playoff race, and it’s time MLB finally put their foot down and put a stop to this egomaniac. Unfortunately what will actually happen is MLB will fine the players involved and give Angel a nice big pat on the back for a job well done. The story is now all about him, and isn’t that why we all watch?

Orioles 3, Red Sox 8Scouts: Nick Pivetta made his Red Sox debut, and got off to a great start, fanning 8 O’s in 5 innings and allowing just a single run. There isn’t much for these two teams to play for at this point other than pride, and Pivetta managed to earn himself a bunch of it.

Yankees 12, Blue Jays 1Prof: I mean, if you’re gonna get ridiculous, do it right before you hit the playoffs. The biggest surprise of the evening was that New York didn’t hit a home run in this massacre. Gerrit Cole is getting back into straight fire ace mode, striking out 7 before the dynamic duo of Britton and Ottavino shut it down.

Brewers 3, Reds 2Prof: It’s almost as if the Brewers read blog posts that admonish them for wasting this opportunity to skate into an extended postseason. Eric Sogard hit the go-ahead double to put Milwaukee on top.

Astros 6, Mariners 1Scouts: While the Astros haven’t officially clinched, it’s a pretty long shot for them to miss the playoffs at this point. But every win helps, and the loss virtually eliminates the Mariners, now 4 games back from the Wild Card. The stros put up 5 in the 6th thanks to homers by Michael Brantley and Martin Maldonado with a run scoring wild pitch sandwiched in the middle there.

Tigers 4, Twins 5 F/10Scouts: The White Sox are stumbling and the Twins are taking full advantage, winning some key ballgames down the stretch. The Sox have now lost 3 in a row, and the Twins have matched that in wins, meaning the Twins are now just a half game back from the division lead. It was a close one however, after the Tigers took a 1 run lead in the 10th when Jeimer Candelario singled in Victor Reyes, the Twins had to march right back with RBI singles by Eddie Rosario and Max Kepler. Kepler really stepped up as his game winner came with two down and the pressure on.

Cubs 2, Pirates 3Prof: Chicago clenches a postseason berth regardless of the outcome of this game thanks to Philadelphia losing. Awful nice of them to give a W to Pittsburgh as a way to spread the celebration. Catcher Jacob Stallings hit the solo dinger in the 9th to break the tie.

Marlins 1, Braves 11Prof: Y’all hear that? Tag Team, back again! Atlanta wins their division for the third straight year… it’s the sound of the early 90s all over again. No Holy Trinity on the mound, but there is the Friendliest Freeman, Marcell Ozuna with five ribbies, and Austin Riley keeps showing up in clutch situations. Whoomp! There it is!

Cardinals 5, Royals 0Scouts: Every game is a must win for the Cardinals who hold a game lead over the Reds and Brewers for the second division spot, and the Giants are right behind looking to fight for the final wild card spot. Austin Gomber shut out the Royals on 4 hits over 6 and the bullpen picked it up from there.

Rangers 0, Dbacks 7Scouts: It took almost the entire shortened season, but Arizona finally notched it’s first shutout of 2020, which is just bonkers when you think about it.

Rays 2, Mets 5Prof: Huge night for Pete Alonso! The Polar Bear went 2-3 with 3 RBI including a 432 ft homer. It’s always huge when you hand Blake Snell the loss.

Rockies 2, Giants 5Scouts: Colorado really wanted to sweep this series to get into the playoffs, but they aren’t eliminated just yet. They are 3 games behind in the Wild Card chase however. Alex Dickerson (solo homerun) and Brandon Belt (two run double) broke this one open in the bottom of the 7th and that was all she wrote.

Athletics 2, Dodgers 7Scouts: LA clinched their 8th consecutive NL West division title, and going into the playoffs, you’d be hard pressed to find a team better posed to go all the way. They seem to be miles above everyone in every category, but as we all know, anything can happen in the playoffs, especially with no bye attached. LA got homers out of Max Muncy, Chris Taylor, AJ Pollock, and Corey Seager in the win.

Angels 4, Padres 2Scouts: The Padres don’t have much to play for at this point, 5 games back from the Dodgers, there isn’t much for them to gain, so at this point it’s mostly just grind out the clock, stay healthy, and try not to get into any sort of rusty funks before it’s go time.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/22/2020

  1. Phils getting swept dropped them from in the playoffs to out as of now. Their bullpen tire fire is costing them.

    Rays’ magic number for the division remains at 1. Hopefully they get it done today.


  2. This is a baseball blog, but I find myself mourning another of my boyhood sports heroes, football great Gale Sayers. He was 77. Like my dad, and like Tom Seaver, he had dementia. Besides being a great athlete, he was a brilliant man, earned a masters degree in education administration at Kansas. I hate dementia.

    I have two autographs of his that I prize highly. Once, when I was deployed overseas, my mom heard Gale Sayers was going to be in Tampa. My house was in Tampa also. My mom, knowing how much I admired Sayers, drove an hour and a half from her house to mine, found my copy of “I Am Third” (strong recommendation that you read it) and my 1970 football card of him and then went to where Sayers was appearing and had him sign them. Moms are great.

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    1. I’m a little too young to remember Sayers as a player, my first exposure to him was through the Brian’s Song movie. Even to this day that movie brings a tear to my eye. A special talent and more importantly a special person. Rest in peace, Kansas Comet.

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