Justin Verlander Undergoing Tommy John Surgery

Remember Justin Verlander, after hurting his elbow in July, insisting he’d be back this year? Remember Dusty Baker thinking he’d be back in time for the playoffs? Yeah, not happening.

It was announced today that he needs TJS. He’s not only out the rest of this year, but next year is out too. 2022 will be his age 39 season, so it’s fair to wonder if he will be back as a player at all now. His future in the HoF is assured; we will just have to see them if he wants to continue his career (or can).

3 thoughts on “Justin Verlander Undergoing Tommy John Surgery

  1. Just saw his little home video. He spoke of career goals! I mean, really! With 3000 SO, 8-time top five CY including two wins and at least one I think he was robbed on, a rare pitcher MVP. My immediate question was, what career goals are we talking about?

    My best wishes to him. As you say, Raysfan, hard work ahead, but I will be rooting for him. He’s a real baseball player.

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  2. I believe I’ve seen stories where he included 300 wins and pitching until age 45 as goals. He’s a free agent after the 2021 season. It’ll be interesting to see what team is interested in singing a 39 year old coming off TJS regardless of his prior accomplishments. He may have to sign a 1 year minor league deal, or at best an incentive laden deal with a spring training invite to prove himself.

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