He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/14/2020

Prof: Sorry, guys. I’ve been extra tired lately, trying to pack, and then I got kinda sick. Not the greatest few weeks for me physically. I feel like I let you all down when I miss a post. But let’s not dwell on the past. Lots of double headers today, so let’s get started.

Braves 1, Orioles 14Prof: I…. I can’t believe this.

Scouts: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Side note: Chris Davis was placed on IR yet again before the game, which quite possibly may be the signal of the end of his career in Baltimore. Davis’s 2020 line: 6/52, 0 HR, 1 RBI, 17 K. .115/.164/.173/.337. 9 Total Bases.

Twins 1, White Sox 3Scouts: This is another huge series with massive playoff implications. With the win, the White Sox take a two game lead over the Twins, however the Twins have three more opportunities to turn the tables. Adam Engel came up with the clutch pinch hit in the 8th that broke the tie, and set up Tim Anderson to double in an insurance run.

Athletics 5, Mariners 6 Game 1 F/7Scouts: In case you aren’t aware, there are currently massive Wildfires on the West Coast, that is absolutely suffocating the citizens out there. The air quality index was well above the cut off at 200, a number considered to be “very unhealthy”. Several players complained of increased difficulty of breathing. This game absolutely, positively should not have been played. The air was so thick, it was a constant yellow fog on the field. The only reason this game was pushed through was due to it being a makeup from earlier in the season when an A’s player tested positive for Coronavirus. MLB, you did your players a disservice. You should have either postponed the game or moved it’s location. Shame on you.

Athletics 9, Mariners 0 Game 2 F/7Prof: Whew, getting blanked after a whole ‘nother game is awful. Mark Canha came up big with three RBI, including a two run homer. Also, when did Jake Lamb arrive in Oakland?

Cardinals 1, Brewers 2 F/8 Game 1Scouts: Milwaukee came into this game on the wrong end of a no hitter, and was just a pair of outs shy of getting no hit for the second game in a row. They have been losing games left and right, and have pretty much played themselves out of the playoffs. If they expect to compete in the postseason at all, they need to step up like right now. The game went into extra innings, a 0-0 tie when Tommy Edman singled in a run for St. Louis. It wouldn’t have been a huge shock if Milwaukee just rolled over and called it a game. But Ryan Braun had other ideas. He doubled in Tyrone Taylor to tie the game and move Avisail Garcia to third with one down. And then stepped up Keston Hiura who hit a game winning, walk off sac fly to left and the Brew Crew got the shot in the arm they so desperately needed.

Cardinals 3, Brewers 2 F/9Scouts: Remember that shot in the arm the Brewers needed? Well, it didn’t last very long. After taking a early two run lead, the Brew Crew gave up the lead on a game tying single by Brad Miller in the 7th. Then two innings later, Paul Dejong singled in Tommy Edman for what proved to be the game winner.

Phillies 2, Marlins 6Prof: The Feesh has made themselves at home against the Phillies. You kinda have to, if you play seven games in a row. Jesus Aguilar had a two run double and two Feesh hit home runs, too.

Pirates 1 Reds 3 Game 1Prof: Game one started off with a solo shot from the World’s Sassiest Canadian, then after a homer from Pittsburgh it was up to a rookie, Tyler Stephenson, to secure the win for Cincinnati. The new kid hit the walkoff dinger.

Pirates 4, Reds 9 Game 2Prof: The Redstockings kept on rolling in game two, with a two run homer from Brian Goodman and another solo bomb from Votto. Towards the end, the Buc bullpen was just sloppy as heck, with a bases loaded walk, and a wild pitch allowing a run as well.

Dodgers 2, Padres 7Scouts: San Diego is riding a 8 game win streak and they had to go through LA to do it. This is the series that will decide who gets the top seed in the playoffs and who ends up in 4th. Why we can’t seed the league by overall record I just don’t understand, but here we are. Everything was going well for Clayton Kershaw and crew, until the Padres blew up for 5 runs in the 7th. The outburst gave both Clayton and the Dodgers the loss and the Padres are now just a game and a half out of the top spot.

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/14/2020

        1. They’d be better off DFA’ing him and paying him the remaining $46M that’s owed on his contract after this season. They’ve only played him in 16 games this year, and he’s still worth -1.1 bWAR (now “up” to -6.5 over the past 4 seasons. He’s actually hurting the team when he plays, and swapping him out for a replacement level player would be an upgrade.

          I don’t blame him for not retiring—I wouldn’t leave $46M on the table either. However, the O’s shouldn’t keep him in the dugout just because they have to pay him.


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