Sunday Numb3rs Magic Numb3rs


The number of days left in the regular season. How long those 14 days last will depend on the inertia frame work. The faster the longer. Did you know that if you spend a day on the top floor of  skyscraper at the end of the day you will have aged by some billionths of second less than someone on the ground floor because the lesser gravitational forces the higher you go up speeds up the inertia framework. Seriously. I saw it on the Science Channel. That’s called having time on your hands. 


The minimum number of wins at this point that teams in the NL West, NL East, AL Central, and AL East need to guarantee themselves a playoff spot regardless of what the other teams do. Teams in the AL West and NL Central only need 35. I’m not sure that was worth figuring out.

This sounds best if you’re high because your inertia framework is faster.


The number of games the Cardinals need to complete in the next 14 days. That is so eerie because both 14 and 21 are products of the prime number 7 and 21  is also a product of the prime number 3.  The Cardinals are in a tough space time continuum.


The number of teams that need to average over a game a day for the rest of the season to complete 60 games. Yeah, like that has nothing to do with 12 being the number of lunar cycles in our solar cycle. God I hope this doesn’t mess with our moon’s inertia framework. Maybe we should send the Cardinals back in time.

You probably haven’t seen this in a while


The number of seconds in said solar year.


I meant to put this in last week. Give or take that’s about the last year that the Tigers swept the Twins.  This year the Tigers did win the first three games against the Twins in Detroit but lost the fourth game in Minneapolis. Yes they were officially the home team in that game. 

After I’ve had a couple of drinks tonight this thing is going to make me cry.


The number of regular season games yet to be played. Enjoy.


One thought on “Sunday Numb3rs Magic Numb3rs

  1. Current teams eliminated from division title contention: 2 (Boston, Arizona)
    Teams mathematically eliminated from the playoffs: 0
    Smallest magic numbers for division titles: 9 (Oakland over Houston), 11 (Tampa Bay over Buffalo)


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