Pujols Ties Mays

Albert Pujols launched his 660th career home run tonight, tying Willie Mays for 5th on the all-list. He still trails Barry Bonds, Henry Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Alex Rodriguez. 445 of his homers came in his 11 years as a Cardinal, 215 in his 9 years with the Angels. Tonight’s bomb was a 2-run homer that put the Angels in the lead for good, 4-3, in the top of the 8th against the Rockies at Coors Field. (The final score was 5-3.)

As I’ve said before, he’s a shadow of his former self, but each of these career milestones merits remembering just how great he was. Hats off to one of the best ever.

2 thoughts on “Pujols Ties Mays

  1. Poor Albert can’t seem to get the limelight to himself, without some knucklehead(s) stealing his thunder with a no-no…

    • On the day he ties Willie Mays, Alec Mills pitches a no-hitter.
    • On the day he gets his 3000th hit (May 4, 2018), the Dodgers throw a combined no-hitter against the Padres in Monterrey, Mexico.
    • On the day he gets his 600th HR (June 3, 2017), Edinson Volquez no-hits the Diamondbacks.

    Hell, even earlier this year, when he passed A-Rod for second on the career RBI list, he only missed Lucas Giolito’s no-no by a day.

    Baseball be weird…

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