Sunday Numb3rs 2/3rds

21 – 18 /  18 – 21

21 – 18 is the record of the Yankees and Blue Jays who are tied for second in the AL East, 5.5 games behind the Amazin Rays. 18- 21 is the record of Scouts Fighting O’s. The Yankees have very little chance of catching the Rays and their chance of getting to the playoffs by taking second is coin flip time.  Either the Twins, Indians or White Sox are likely to take the first wild card spot. The O’s are the team closest to the Yankees in the race for the second wild card spot. Ahem, didn’t a certain poster here predict at the beginning of the season that in this shortened season the O’s would shockingly ruin the season of the mega buck Yankees.


The number of home runs Mr. Trout would be on track to hit in a 162 game season.


Mr. Trout’s career home run total – now the most in Angel’s history

0.4920634920634921 %

Miguel Sano’s strikeout rate. Yet he has an OPS of .886. Today’s game.


Huh? The league leading team OPS of the San Diego Padres


The number of home runs the Dodgers would be on track to hit in a 162 game season. 307 – 296 = 11. Ha ha.


The Dodger’s league leading team ERA. The Indians at 2.82 aren’t even worth mentioning.


The opposing team batting average of teams when they play the Cardinals. Has a team ever held opposing teams to a batting average under 200 for an entire season?


Shane Bieber of the Indians league leading ERA. Big deal. He’s only averaged 5.9 innings over 9 starts. You think Walter Johnson would be happy with that?


The number of innings that Lance Lynn has averaged over 9 starts. And don’t forget that the .3-4444… forever must mean that he faced a hitter who hit an infinite number of two strike fouls, maybe even infinity + 1. That is how it’s done Mr. Bieber.

And of course:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Numb3rs 2/3rds

  1. With it only being a 60 game season, just past the half way point, we can already begin to talk magic numbers for the division crown—namely 15 for the Rays and 14 for the Dodgers at the moment


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