He Said, She Said- Scores and Highlights for 9/3/20

Prof: I asked this on Twitter but the FI Fam is full of great advice and people that I know have my best interests at heart. I started a new job at the end of June and with the exception of a significant raise in pay, I hate everything about it. It’s not what I was anticipating and the culture around the company is definitely not what I was led to believe it was. The person I thought would be my boss – the guy who interviewed me for goodness’ sake – I rarely work with at all. I should have known from coming into the office for the first time and being told my duties would be different from what my offer letter stated that this wouldn’t work. That significant raise in pay is huge and needed, but the job itself is horrible. I stay at companies for years, usually, and leaving my old job was an agonizing decision. But thinking about being here a year from now makes me want to scream. So, my question is – how long should I stick it out? Another three months? Or do I start looking for a new job now? How unprofessional would it be?

When it comes to long term professional…Clayton Kershaw is a Dodgers lifer and now he’s the third fastest man to 2500 strikeouts. Congrats, Kersh. Can’t wait to attend your induction ceremony in about 15 years.

Cubs 2, Pirates 6Scouts: Bryan Reynolds is a new father, and he decided to celebrate it the best way possible. With a three run homer in his first game back from paternity leave. Welcome back dad!

Rangers 4, Astros 8Prof: I know a lot of people are still upset with Houston, but I refuse to have any anger, ever, when Zack Greinke is pitching. My beloved weirdo gets the win, striking out 9. Aledmys Diaz hit a three-run homer, while Michael Brantley drove in three runs as well.

Nationals 5, Phillies 6 F/10Scouts: Man, Washington just doesn’t have it this year do they? Philly walked it off in the 10th thanks to an Alec Bohm sac fly, which completed the four game series sweep. Washington is now 1 of their last 10 and have lost 6 in a row. They are 3.5 games behind the Mets.

Blue Jays 6, Red Sox 2Scouts: Boston led this one all the way, that is until Toronto woke up and picked up one in the 7th and one in the 8th to give us extras. They didn’t wait too long to take command however, as Teoscar Hernandez hit a go-head, three run homer to send Boston to their 26th loss on the year. Martin Perez actually had a no hit bid into the 7th before it all came apart.

White Sox 11, Royals 6Prof: So many homers, but the juiciest of them all came hot off the bat of rookie Luis Robert, who took a ball 458 feet. Lordy! It was a three run shot as the white hot Sox do it to ’em in the AL Central.

Yankees 7, Mets 9 F/10Prof: The Subway Series gets underway as two banged up teams battle to see who got the luckiest. The Mets, playing with dirty knees in honor of Tom Seaver, just wanted it a little bit more last night. Old New Met Todd Fraizer hit a dinger to start it off. The Yankees, led by Gio Urshela, had tied it up. But the Polar Bear had other plans. A two run bomb from Alonso in extras was the push the Mets needed.

Padres 0, Angels 2Prof: Los Angeles of Anaheim of Southern California took one look at new Padre Mike Clevinger and said, “We ain’t scared a’you, Sunshine.” Led by Andrew Heaney (seven innings, three hits, 6 K), the Angels garnered a much needed victory against the red hot Friars. Proud to say that the runs were provided by former Braves Legends Andrelton Simmons and Justin Upton.

Diamondbacks 1, Dodgers 5Scouts: LA is pushing hard for that 30th victory, sending Clayton Kershaw to the mound for 6 innings of shutout baseball. Kershaw struck out 8. Clayton is now in sole possession of 38th place in the all time strike out list. If you had asked me last year I would have said dude was done, but he’s bounced back splendidly this year.

A’s , Mariners – PPD

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said- Scores and Highlights for 9/3/20

  1. What’s the harm in looking? Keep your mind off the current job and, if you find something, you’re outa there. Changing jobs, even if it’s early and often, doesn’t carry the stigma it once did.

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    1. See, that was what I was concerned about. But I found that having been with one company 11 years is also just as bad on my resume than multiple jobs.



      1. If you went from job to job to job maybe, but if you interview at the next place just be upfront and honest and stay the place wasn’t what they advertised it to be, and when you got there you realized it wasn’t a good fit, which ultimately was best for everyone involved for you to move on.

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        1. Personally, I would avoid dissing the current job. The resume – and the application – speak for themselves. Your interviewer knows the codes and the companies (Area Manager in A Co. means you are a sales rep, but Area Manager at B Co. means you oversee 7 locations). So if she knows generally what you do and who for, your interviewer knows if this job will be an upgrade. If you are applying for an upward move, no explanation of intent is necessary. If you are making a lateral move, but to a company widely considered a better place to work, no explanation is necessary.

          Hiring people are like baseball managers. They know their stuff and you will have a hard time outsmarting them. But they are looking for that seventh-round pic that they can turn into an All-Star. YOU ARE THAT ALL STAR, PROF!

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  2. Sorry to hear about the sucky job sitch, Prof. You state you started at the end of June, so you’ve been there less than 3 months. Not sure what the company policy is there, but where I work you would still be considered a probationary employee (first 90 days). Any chance they may be holding back on giving you the duties in the offer letter until you pass a “trial period”? I’d give it a couple more soul-sucking months and if nothing changes, ask for a meeting with HR to discuss your actual assignment compared to the offer letter description. In the mean time, maybe take a little of the extra cash you are making and buy yourself something you’ve been wanting but couldn’t afford as a reward. As for not working for the person who interviewed you, did you ever specifically ask that person if you would be working for him? If not, use that as a lesson learned for future interviews and always ask to meet your prospective new boss before accepting an offer. Hope this helps a little.

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    1. I did my due diligence on the company, having been in the process of getting into the position since March. The offer letter even states a completely different position than the one I have. The CFO, who interviewed me and offered me the position, had implied I’d be working with him regularly, as did the recruiter I worked with as my advocate. The culture of this company is also different than what was sold to me. I was expecting a company looking to modernize and ready to enter the 21st century and they are definitely not doing that. It’s frustrating. I’ve been trying to pick up more duties because frankly I’m bored to death, and they don’t really care to even attempt to train me on stuff. I’ve been trying to look at the bright side, but it’s hard to stay positive when i knew this place wasn’t right for me after three weeks. 😦

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      1. I’ve twice left jobs after six months or so; if the fit isn’t right, the fit isn’t right. Reach out to your network in your industry and start having conversations. Tell them you made a mistake taking this new job, be specific about why the new job is wrong for you, and ask them to help you find something else.

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  3. Regarding the Aggie at the top of this page: (I hope everybody sees that GIF) this fellow, while interviewing with TV, is abused by various teammates. Near the beginning of the sequence, while teammates wander by, toss stuff at him, and otherwise distract, the kid keeps his rap in the interview (or at least his lips keep moving). He also casually catches the cap that was stuffed into his shirt and fell out. Great hand-eye coordination, kid!

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