Sunday Numbers 1/Infinity


The Number of players ejected from the Cubs / Reds game read this twice and still don’t really understand what happened.

This was the second game of a double header. The Cubs Rizzo had homered twice in game one and was leading off game two when a first pitch fastball appeared to slip out of the Red’s starter Antone’s hand, sailing over Rizzo’s head.  The umpires convened and against the wishes of both managers issued a warning to both sides. Nobody involved thought that Antone had any intention of hurting Rizzo, including Rizzo, but he may have been trying to make Rizzo move his feet with a high and in pitch.

But the taunting and chirping about it between the two dugouts continued until the fourth inning when the benches cleared. This seems to have been a by product of a fan less game as the players can now actually hear all their boyish taunts.

Appropriately this one ended with a Reds walk off on a wild pitch.

1/Infinity – 1/Infinity 

The number of players hitting 400 for the season. The top average now is Charlie Blackmons 362. It would have been a fun super astricked  stat. At least I used the pic of Ted Williams head in time.


The number of home runs your beloved Twins 400 year old Nelson Cruz would be on pace to hit in an 162 game season.


The number of hits Charlie Blackmon would be on pace to hit in a 162 game season. .818181… forever? So this must be infinitely close to 226? Or would .838383… forever be closer? The unfathomable numerical epistemology of baseball!


The number of runs Fernando Tatis Jr would be on pace to score in a 162 game season. This is my lucky day for endlessly repeating decimals. the .7-428571428571428571… forever must be a really close play at the plate.


The number of home runs the White Sox would be on a pace to hit in a 162 game season breaking the Twins record of 307. But it’s not a 162 game season now is it. Ha Ha. I’m not going to bother mentioning that they’re also leading the league in team OPS at .842.


.275 / .278

The Indians / Dodgers team ERAs. But it won’t really count because this isn’t a 162 game season now is it. Ha ha


The team ERA of the Tigers as of about 20 minutes ago but which is now in the process of going up against the Twins because they must be punished for yesterday.

This not a number

One thought on “Sunday Numbers 1/Infinity

  1. 5.51: Team ERA of the Tiggers after completing the 3 game sweep of the Twins.

    2,000: Hits as a Tigger for Miguel Cabrera. He becomes the 8th player to get 2,000 hits with the team. The others are all (or should be) in the Hall of Fame: Ty Cobb (3,900 with the Tigers), Al Kaline (3,007), Charlie Gehringer (2,839), Harry Heilmann (2,499), Sam Crawford (2,466), Lou Whitaker (2,369), Alan Trammell (2,365).


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