Site Design Update 8/27/2020

Alright, so I had a little time to play around with some new themes.  After spending a few hours looking at around 40 or so themes, I have it narrowed down to a small handful.  Only two of which are free.  The other options are nice, but still not perfect and range from $60 to $120.  And since they aren’t perfect I’d rather stick to the two free options.  So I wanted to get some feedback as well as prepare people for the change.

Please keep in mind these are previews without any customization applied.  Color scheme, font, link color, etc are not finalized.  Please do not comment on the specifics, rather look at the over all design!  I took two screen shots of each.  One of the main page, and one of a individual post, with comment section.

Personally I like Supar the best.  It seems to flow the best.  I’m not a fan of the size of the post thumbnails, as I think they are too large, and some of the link colors are weird, and I hate the gap between thumbnail, post title, and post preview, but it at least offers a nice flow and the colored background with white paper look like we currently have.  Plus I think the comments are easier to follow.

Gateway has a better ratio of thumbnail to post on the front page, but it’s a solid background, the comments have a weird separation, and the front page doesn’t tell you how many comments are on the post.

Option 1 – Supar

Main Page

Post Plus Comments

Option 2 – Gateway

Main Page

Post with Comments

So are any of these acceptable, or should I keep looking?

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